Improving how we live tomorrow starts today.

Kenneth Cutno for a Changing Algiers

As Clerk of 2nd City Court in Algiers, I am committed to accessible and technological advancement to the voters of Algiers and attorney at the 2nd City Court.


As Clerk of 2nd City Court in Algiers, I am committed to providing accessible and technological advancements to the citizens of Algiers and attorneys at the 2nd City Court.

2nd City Court is where evictions take place.  2nd City court’s jurisdiction includes evictions for residential and commercial properties with rental fees within the jurisdictional of Orleans parish. One of the biggest challenges facing people who are trying to fight eviction in Algiers is that 2nd City Court doesn’t have digital records available.  This makes it harder for people providing legal services to tenants to (1) track evictions, 2) to get tenants the information and help they need.  In stating just these two facts, more people are falling through the cracks.  In saying this, this can very well open the possibility for more crime by citizens who can very well be in the position of facing homelessness. By bringing digital technology to 2nd City Court, it would make it easier for citizens in Algiers to get legal and social services.

One of the biggest things that I want to do, is make resource and eviction information easily accessible, by putting records online.  In essence, by stopping crime and making Algiers community safe, we keep the citizens in Algiers housed by giving them every resource available.

 As Clerk of 2nd City Court, I will focus on keeping people housed safely and families with juveniles crime free.

 By bringing technology to the 2nd City Court, will improve the quality of life for landlords, citizens, and homeowners in Algiers.

“Improving how we live tomorrow starts today”

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Kenneth Cutno community service to the people was clearly seen during Hurricane Ida, as he was helping the people in the community daily.

Kenneth Cutno
Algiers Clerk of 2nd City Court
P.O. Box 741967
New Orleans, La 70114