Improving how we live tomorrow starts today.


Dear Voters of the City of New Orleans. If you love New Orleans, Invest into our people.

Join the people campaign for Progress Over Politicians to fight the crime in New Orleans.

Since graduating from Southern University, I have spent my career fighting for the people against those that take advantage of them. We have the power to fight back and stop the recycling of politicism, re-electing politicians who have created safe havens within our political system.  These are the politicians that make promises they don’t keep.  The people who have forgotten their obligations to the citizens of this great community.  These are the people that are more interested in the next election and building a resume than building community.  I say, vote Progress Over Politicians to fight the crime in New Orleans.

The $388 million American Rescue Plan Act grant funds will bring new jobs and new tax revenue to the City of New Orleans.  Now is the time to grow our economy and create jobs paying livable wages. We need to attract companies that will offer higher wages. We need to stimulate the economy and become the bustling City of the South.  Property taxes continue to rise as services decline. Stop draining the citizens and give them what they are paying for.  We need a person with the experience to effectively address the challenges we face today.

I will prioritize legislation that makes critical investments into,

Lower entergy rates,

To lower our energy costs, we need to compare rates from competing providers. Open competition can drive prices lower and lower, and that’s important to residents and business owner.

Lower SWB rates,

with  the“Smart Meter” program to improve billing accuracy.

Affordable Housing,

loans, grants, renovating and retrofitting more than-50 thousand vacant homes and housing units for low- and middle-income first-time homebuyers.

Decrease Crime and make safe streets and neighborhoods,

put more highly trained police on the streets to fight crime. Merge The Department of Public Works Parking Division meter maids with NOPD to create more community policing presence.  Increase Police Sub-Stations in high crime areas. Contract with the Sheriff’s Office to assist New Orleans Police Department with law enforcement and arrest of criminals in the city, also a 15 percent police pay raise for all officers so that we attract and retain the best and the brightest. It is time for New Orleanais to unite to fight crime.

Higher citizen wages

with Vocational and Training School to retrain dislocated workers in high-demand sectors, such as clean energy, manufacturing jobs, information technology jobs, and entertainment jobs in the film industry.

New revenue-producing strategies for New Orleans East

Create the New Orleans Media and Hollywood Films Entertainment tax credit program (New Taxes and Revenue)e Act.

Promote New Orleans as the Wedding Romance Capital of the world (New Taxes and Revenue)

Reopen Lincoln Beach (New Taxes and Revenue)

Promote the STEM NOLA Innovation Center in New Orleans East (New Taxes and Revenue

Support Bayou Phoenix Jazz Land proposal (New Taxes and Revenue.

Increase the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise program to 60% from 30% in New Orleans,

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Freeze business taxes and small businesses 15 percent payroll tax credit to created jobs, create the small business set aside program, this program requires city agencies to limit competition on certain contracts to qualified small local businesses so that small firms do not have to compete with large corporations for the same contracts on city government construction and supplies project. All contracts will go to local New Orleans companies and local union first. Increase Unionization jobs in New Orleans by Protecting the Right to Organize Act.

We need a Green New Deal proposal that calls for public policy to address climate change along with achieving other social aims like environmental justice, and job creation, and reducing economic inequality.

Please act now to join our team for a better community that is safe from crime, promotes jobs and grow our economy, supports unionization jobs in New Orleans by Protecting the Right to Organize Act and ensures that future generations are given the tools to succeed. Let us put Progress over Politicians on November 13, 2021, election day

I am Kenneth Cutno. Born and raised in this city. I have 30 years of experience in government grants management, juvenile probation, and housing development. I am the only candidate with the experience, qualifications, and education to be your Council at Large member with a vision supported by the people of this City. I have built more affordable housing than any candidate in New Orleans city council race. I am the people’s candidate, not a recycled politician. Let’s put Progress over Politicians to fight crime in New Orleans. If you love New Orleans, Invest into our people.

I am running for New Orleans City Council At Large, Division 1, with a progressive agenda to put Progress Over Politicians, against the recycle Council-at-Large person, Helena Morena, this recycle politicians has been in office for more than decade, and our conditions is still the same, we got a shot to put Progress Over Politicians, I hope you and your family will stand with me, and I will fight for you on the New Orleans city council with a progressive agenda for the people of our community. Join the people campaign to put Progress Over Politicians for a better New Orleans and to fight crime in our neighborhoods.

Vote New Orleans Own. Vote Local First

“Improving how we live tomorrow starts today”.

Kenneth Cutno

Council-At-Large Division 1
P.O. Box 741967
New Orleans, La 70114